Guest Profile

Nina Ummel

Nina Ummel is the founder, president and Chief Visionary Officer of Ummelina International. Her extensive background includes an undergraduate degree in primary special education, professional skin and nail care therapy, spa design, natural aromatic product development and marketing. Ummelina International Day Spa is celebrating its 21st year in business and has established itself as a unique and highly called leader in the forefront of the rapidly expanding spa industry.

Nina's interest in nature began during her childhood, having grown up on a farm in the Old Order Mennonite community in Indiana. She learned the art of herbal healing from her grandmother, a health care practitioner and herbalist.

After considerable research into natural therapies from all over the world, Nina was able to integrate modern technology with her natural approach, and opened Seattle's first Day Spa, Ummelina International Day Spa in 1986. The spa has become an institution as an aromatic oasis in downtown Seattle.

As a distinctive and valued leader in the spa industry, Nina was requested to be spa consultant on the design of the 5500 square foot Spa Nordstrom, San Francisco. This project included conceptualizing the spa design, treatments, and the product formulation and packaging. She also hired, educated, and trained a staff of forty in management, product knowledge, treatment, and systems.

Nina has developed numerous natural product lines with a focus on herbs from the land and sea. Essence of Ummelina, an Authentic Organic Aromatherapy Collection with over 100 formulas including Synergies, Essence Bars, Aromatic Mist, Bath & Body Oils, Sea Salts Glows, Bath Salts, Candles and burning sticks are included. Ummelina Tea Spa, a collection of 27 organic herbal tea formulas blended from 250 herbs imported from around the world. And Ummelina Spa Formula is her skin care line which features seaweeds, botanical extracts, and essential oils. With a deep respect for the true essence of aromatherapy and because of her appreciation of its life-enhancing effects, she has been integrating essential oils into her treatments since the spa conception.

Nina is a respected expert in the field of Aromatherapy, product and spa design, and operations. She has lectured in both USA and Canada, sharing her knowledge to the spa industry. Her web site is where you will be able to view her spa and purchase her unique Herbal and Aromatherapy Collections.