Guest Profile

Nova Wightman

Nova Wightman is an Author, Speaker, Certified Life Coach (CPCC), NLP Practitioner, Reiki Master, and a Conversations with God Coach on Neale Donald Walsch’s team (author of the NY Times best-selling Conversations with God series of books). As the owner and operator of Go Within Life Coaching, Nova specializes in a unique approach called the “Spiritual Alignment Process,” a powerful and focused blending of one’s Spirituality with their Humanity, which helps clients increase their consciousness and move through their daily lives with greater intention and authenticity.


Nova understands the magic that quickly follows when one holds a deep understanding and application of energy, vibration and Universal Law, so it is her greatest passion and mission to make this work accessible and more easily digestible to as many people as possible, primarily through her group coaching programs as well as her groundbreaking book, “Awake and Aligned: How to Navigate the Human Experience as a Spiritual Being.” Trained and certified through The Coaches Training Institute, Nova works with clients who want to live in Alignment with Who They Really Are, creating and maintaining a spiritually empowering and joy-filled life, including embracing and enjoying being human.


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