Guest Profile

Pam Barosh

Pam Barosh is a medium, intuitive healer, spiritual coach, energy expert, writer, and a messenger of love with training in chakra and crystal healing. She completed a master’s in psychology with a focus on mind-body-spirit wellness.


Pam awoke to her spiritual path while experiencing a serious illness. During her healing journey, she found the light of love and opened her communication pathways to the depths of her intuitive wisdom. Pam began integrating the concepts found within spirituality, psychology, and energy healing to help others find their own inner strength, peace, and unconditional love. She has made it her mission to help others align and balance their energy, understand how to connect to the spiritual realm, and find their own unique path to wellness.  


As a medium and messenger of love, Pam shares with others the messages of peace and love through contact with angels and spirits. As their messages shine through her, she guides others to discover the energy of their souls, the energy of love. She helps others to identify and remove energy blocks, find a place of balance and peace, and awaken to their path in life by using crystals, colors, sounds, sacred geometry, affirmations, positive intentions, and mindfulness activities.

Her belief is that everyone has the innate ability to heal their souls through the power of love energy!