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Pam Bright

Pam is a multi-dimensional healer, life transformation coach, and spiritual intuitive who uses a multitude of modalities to access and channel the frequencies of the spirit world.

She is committed to assisting those who are ready to access, awaken, embrace and become the fullness of who they are by opening to and integrating the multiple levels of consciousness available to them through the spiritual guidance already all around them, so they can fulfill their soul’s purpose for being here at this time.

Inspired by the Native American medicine wheel, Pam adopted the spirit name Butterfly after participating in a ceremonial butterfly dance. Upon emerging from her own “dark night of the soul”, she expanded her spirit name to be Bright Shining Butterfly Woman, honoring her journey through the darkness and reclaiming her place in the light.

Bright Butterfly Enterprises works with individuals and groups in spiritual mentoring, healing services, and also offers programs for creating daily spiritual practices and moving through spiritual blocks.

The intention of Pam’s work is to honor you as an individual

Pam believes that every single person on the planet is an individual first. Primarily this means that each person will come to know their connection to spirit in a different way. Because of this, Pam offers a great variety of tools, processes, programs, and practices to help each person find what works the best for them to activate and awaken, release and heal, access and receive and absorb and integrate the spirit information available to them.

Pam’s work is centered around creating conscious connections between your human self and the world of spirit all around you, creating fully integrated, fully expressed, spiritually awakened human beings.

Pam believes that we are all spiritual beings who are currently having a human experience. The state of BEING a human encompasses your entire experience, although you may not yet have accessed the EXPANDED nature of consciousness available to you through daily conscious spirit connection.

As a spiritual transformation coach and energy intuitive, Pam encourages you to embrace full body system wellness which incorporates all the forms of physical body healing and well being, also incorporating multiple spiritual connection tools that you can use to enhance your ability to receive your own intuitive messages and guidance for what is needed to move forward.

Each coaching or energy transmission session is specifically tailored to your needs at the moment and therefore is unique.

Pam is all about the conscious connections between people and their spirit guides, spirit teams, ancestors, ascended masters as well as celestial beings of pure love, energy & light, all of which are available to connect to for information about how to navigate our time here on Earth.

One of the services Pam is most excited about is helping connect you to your spirit team, or the collection of spirit guides, ancestors, ascended masters, and universal energies that are specifically for you.

From Pam’s perspective, it is not enough to simply awaken to your soul’s purpose, letting those notions and dynamics inform your actions. Nor is it enough to occasionally say a prayer or reach out for help only when you need it. The challenge that Pam presents is nothing less than to fully integrate with your spirit team, walking in concert with them along your journey.

The Language of Light
Many people who work with Pam experience expansive oneness with who they are. She has a melodic voice that brings the tones of the Divine through to assist the human body in becoming one with your own unique soul expression. Because she opens up fully to receive whatever guidance each person needs to know in that moment, healing happens on a cellular level, taking hold on the DNA level.

As Pam slowly became more aware of the wide variety of spiritual energies available to her, she started receiving channeled messages from spirit that took on many forms including one she came to know was called the Language of Light.

One perspective on the Language of Light is that there is spiritual information contained within each photon of light that surrounds us, from the flicker of a small candle to the exploding plasma of distant stars.

Pam is able to open to access and channel the spiritual energy, information, wisdom, and guidance that is already around us all the time for specific intentions, such as helping someone heal a certain part of their body or understand what is needed to transform relationships.

Her channeled transmissions of the Language of Light seem to contain elements from all forms of spoken language, often blending into one another seamlessly. There is an undeniable quality of clarity to it as it cuts through our imprecise attempts to translate or define it but nevertheless provides clear messages as to what is needed.

Access to the Language of Light is neither a highly trained skill nor is it reserved only for those who sit upon a mountain top for a decade contemplating the cosmos. Pam is available to assist those who are ready to become their own channels for the Language of Light. When you are ready to receive it, you may recognize it through sound, art, color, movement, patterns, or even through the circumstances of your everyday life as it unfolds.

You may even come to recognize that you already have been receiving this form of information for most of your life through what you have previously thought of as intuition.

Pam’s Toolbox:
Language of Light transmissions (blessings, healings, alignments)
Sound Healing sessions through voice, breath, instruments
Discover and integrate your Soul Contract, to fulfill your life purpose
Spiritual Coaching Sessions
Light Encodements and Activations
Automatic Writing (channeled messages from spirit)
Holistic Body System Upgrades
Chakra Clearing for bridging the connections between them to work in harmony
Light Body Energy Based Healings, Clearings, Ceremonies, Blessings & Activations
Reiki Attunements and healing sessions
Oracle deck and spirit card readings
Pam also retains her minister’s license that she got in 2014.

Programs & Practices (with a growing emphasis on leading groups through these)
21 Day Full Body Spirit Wellness Program to integrate and balance mind, body and spirit
Daily Spiritual Hookup Connections Process
Personal Guidance System - Connecting to your spirit team to receive daily messages
90-day Butterfly Evolution Experience through the caterpillar, chrysalis, & butterfly stages
Additional Groups, Programs Workshops & Special Events in development

Pam was born and raised in Washington State where she has lived for most of her life.

She is a proud mother of a teenager who is excited about creating her future and has been married to her beloved husband for nearly 20 years.

Pam was raised as a Lutheran, but her first spiritual awakening happened in 1980 when she attended Alcoholics Anonymous. That program encouraged people to connect to the “God of your understanding”, which was a new and very different way for her to think about spiritual guidance. She started working with various counselors, spiritual mentors, attending ceremonies and group gatherings, and was exposed to a great variety of spiritual beliefs and practices.

Pam began assisting others on their spiritual journey in 1984 as a card reader at a psychic fair, slowly exploring and expanding the modalities she used including instruments, crystals, channeled messages from spirit, and aromatherapy, also becoming a Reiki Master.

Completing massage school in 1994 began a 26-year career of hands-on healing work, attempting to incorporate an increasingly diverse array of energy healing techniques into her healing sessions.

In 1999, she began attending training to become a life skills coach, adding yet another dimension to her work so that she could assist people in retaining the healing her other work provided for them, also helping them discover what healing they could do on their own.

A big part of the personal coach training she received involved a process to claim a vision and purpose for her life. The following statements she created in 1999 still reflect living from the inside out and inspire her actions every day.

I am a Queen of Celestial Love and Light, the Deep Soulful Rhythm that stirs the Awakening of the Soul and a Sanctuary of Peaceful Healing. My purpose is to source global healing through infinite connection and sacred ceremony, inspiring magical radiance and outrageous self-expression.

Very quickly, Pam realized that she was a spiritual teacher that could also channel spiritual messages and began teaching groups and individuals how to use their intuitions and spiritual gifts to enhance their lives, also beginning to put together daily practices and programs for continual spiritual and energetic support.

Even though Pam started Bright Butterfly Enterprises in 2019 to be able to more fully offer the great diversity of healing modalities she had in her toolbox, it wasn’t until she was sent home from the spa she was working at by the Pandemic in 2020 that she fully devoted herself to building her business.

In February of 2021, Pam began the Awakened Academy Spiritual Life Coaching Certification Program. She has been yearning for this certification since she first got the coaching bug back in 1999. Although she has been coaching on and off forever since then, this well-rounded schooling will give Pam the deepened experiences of her Spiritual Gifts and the many business tools that she requires for successful business ownership and management.

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