Guest Profile

Pam Kalian

Pam Kalian has always had a connection to the spirit world having out-of-body traveled as a child. She retained this information into adulthood and was able to solidify her experiences by receiving confirmation from so many spiritual teachers throughout her lifetime. This connection is what has led her to her multi-faceted work endeavors.

Pam's love for health & nutrition started with her dance background beginning at the age of 3 with Spanish dancing and ballet. This eventually led to her becoming a dance-fitness instructor with Jazzercise which has spanned over 25 years.

Having always sought alternative health remedies for herself and her family, she was introduced to Xocai Healthy Chocolate by a somewhat random phone call. Strictly following her intuition she dove in head first and has never regretted one minute of her involvement with MXI Corporation and the wonderful world of Xocai. Pam wasn't even a chocolate lover but recognized the message she was being given to share the health benefits with those she loved.

Pam works her Lifesaver Chocolate business with her husband, Mike, and daughter, Tara. All three of them also work together at their fourth-generation family business which has been in Seattle since 1939.