Guest Profile

Pamela Hale

Pamela Hale, M.A. is devoted to offering ancient and contemporary creative tools for healing, transformation and restoring the sacred on the planet. Her individual consultations, workshops and retreats help people to see themselves, their lives and their possibilities through a different lens. A certified energy medicine practitioner, Pam offers a brand of life coaching that includes indigenous wisdom and healing, shamanic ceremonies and spiritual mentoring. Educated at Stanford and Columbia Universities, Pam also studied at the Four Winds Society and at Tacheria School for Spiritual Direction. A pioneer in therapeutic photography, she is creator of the photographic Sand Spirits Insight Cards and author of the award-winning Flying Lessons: How to Be the Pilot of Your Own Life, Pam is a popular speaker who weaves in her photography, metaphor and story- telling about becoming a licensed pilot in her 50s and the healing journey from cancer that led her to experiences with shamans in Latin America and the Southwest. A mother of two and grandmother of five, Pam lives outside Tucson, AZ with her husband, Jon Trachta.