Guest Profile

Pamela McQuade

Pamela Jo McQuade is an author, speaker and master healer devoted to the mission of bringing spirituality into the mainstream.

Born in Iowa and now a true Texan, Pamela Jo McQuade lived a shell shocked existence, moving from experience to experience in a state of struggle and adversity. Pamela Jo was living in a destructive relationship and was a banker in the midst of financial devastation. She quit her long held corporate career and spent half a decade following the call of her heart and soul. This mystical journey transformed her life into the Spiritually Rich & Sexy woman she is today.

Pamela Jo is a Reiki Master, a student of A Course in Light, extensively trained in Holographic Healing techniques and a Reverend with the Universal Life Church. She is a dynamic, soulful speaker and a sought as an expert in helping others raise their consciousness, cleanse and heal their body and fill their heart with love. She has appeared nationwide on television and radio sharing her wisdom and helping people raise their consciousness and discover their inner beauty.

The experience that spirituality is the key that unlocks the door to living life aligned with beauty and richness is what drives Pamela Jo's spirit coaching practice, speaking engagements, workshops and writings