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Pamela Weintraub

PAMELA WEINTRAUB is a literary and investigative science journalist. She is senior editor at Discover magazine. Previously she was editor-in-chief of OMNI where she worked for 16 years in a range of editorial roles, consulting editor at Psychology Today, and executive editor at MAMM: Women, Cancer and Community. She has covered science, health and biomedicine for the national press for 25 years, with hundreds of articles appearing in OMNI, Health, Redbook, Ms., McCall's, Audubon, Discover, Women's Day, American Health, Eating Well, Penthouse, HMS Beagle, Self, Psychology Today, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, and many others. She was a staff writer on the charter staff of Discover.

She is the author of 16 books for major publishers, on topics from emergency medicine and parenting to memory and bioterrorism. During the boom of the late 1990s, she was involved in the founding of a number of Internet companies, including one that was ultimately funded with millions of dollars in venture capital and is today in the black. Weintraub has a Master's degree in Science Journalism from Boston University. She lives in Connecticut.