Guest Profile

Pamella Horton

Pamella Horton is a modern-day spiritual explorer with decades of personal and professional experience including earned Bachelors degree in Social Work and Masters degree in Organizational Development.


An avid student of ancient & modern spiritual practices, Pamella

is known best as “The Connector” connecting professionals with people and opportunities and most importantly she helps them connect with their Source to Consciously Create Success in all areas of life.  Host of the callingtherealYOU Podcast, Pamella collaborates with Visionaries, CEO’s, Luminaries, Light Workers, Healers, and Earth Angels – Experts who have been where you are, have walked through their own hell fires and gained experience breaking through after their “break downs.” 


The core of Pamela’s teachings is that you can lead a spiritual and magical life starting right now, from where you are. She believes that everyone is a unique contribution to our world, because we all are blessed with the abilities of a true creator. She invites you to learn how to shape the energy around you so that your life can change in an instant, if you allow it to!