Guest Profile

Patrice Krysztofiak

In 2019, i ran into a traumatic event with my small business, I got sued for a website that didn’t respect regulations and risked a huge fine that a one person business would never be able to pay. I reached a point where, every day for almost a year,  i didn’t want to wake up anymore. That is when I started meditation, then one day, i entered into the light, I was completely surrounded by love and light, I was laughing so hard. This was the beginning of my awakening process.

Then slowly over time, everytime I hugged someone, shook their hand or had other contact, I began being able to see inside their bodies, much like viewing an x-ray.I could actually see their mood, their true selves, and eventually their disease and warn them about it! Then I would receive messages about what to do, like “go see this specialist”, this would optimize their health journey because people would go see the right practionner immediately..

I totally embraced this journey of self discovery, and after months of practicing this skill, I was able to do this without actual physical contact!