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Paul and Deborah Rees

Paul and Deborah Rees believe we are all born mediums For too long the words mediumship, sensitive and psychic have been labelled to those in society we deem as gifted, or to individuals that have an extra sensitive sixth sense. In their book, Paul and Deborah prove how this complete misconception has been taught to millions globally for at least the last 140 years. They also expose the unspoken working secrets that give favored international mediums the edge of expertisesecrets they refuse to share for fear of being superseded.

Professional teacher-mediums Paul and Deborah Rees, founders of the Accolade Academy of psychic and mediumistic studies have spent many years traveling the world and revamping the introduction of this aged practice to students of their Accolades development courses. This remould of people's thoughts and approaches to their own newly adopted mediumship has precipitated a huge leap forward, improving intuition and ease of use for thousands of individuals globally. No longer is this intuitive ability, proven in Accolade Academy classes many times over, reserved for the few. Regardless of you experiencenovice, hobbyist or working professional medium.

Paul and Debs have put together a step-by-step guide with a very real and simplistic approach to your intuitive spiritual development. In their new book "We Are All Born Mediums" they combine easy to understand guidelines for getting started with new concepts that will hugely improve your professional one to one readings and theatre demonstrations overnight. No mysticism, no vague explanations and no more guessing. You can do this You can make contact to loved ones who have passed