Guest Profile

Paul Bucky

Paul Bucky is the co-founder and Executive Director of the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics (“Foundation”), a non-profit, tax-exempt educational organization dedicated to teaching and ministering Bio-Touch TM. Bio-Touch TM is a simple, hands-on healing technique that can be used to address all types of health concerns. The light touching of specific points seems to enhance the body’s natural healing abilities.

Paul was instrumental in co-creating the Foundation in 1989 with Norman Cochran (the creator of this healing system). The Foundation operates a center in Tucson, Arizona and coordinates a network of practitioners throughout the United States as well as internationally. The center is staffed entirely by volunteers and offers all sessions free of charge. Workshops and training classes are held all over the country, and the Foundation offers its own Certification and Instructor training programs.

Because many professional healthcare providers have sought Bio-Touch as an enhancement to their professional practices, Paul has been invited to present Bio-Touch to physicians, massage therapists, nurses, occupational and physical therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and healthcare educators, as well as to professional conferences – most recently Northwestern Oklahoma State University Nursing School. Paul has also presented for senior programs, college and elementary students, health fairs, cultural heritage events and other community programs.

It is Paul’s honor and pleasure to oversee the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics as it grows and serves thousands of individuals and families around the world.