Guest Profile

Paul McCormick

Paul McCormick found the secret to financial success early in life. He became a partner in his firm at age twenty-seven and CEO of the multi million dollar corporation at twenty-nine. But he had not found the secret to happiness, good health and a peaceful life.

He searched for the God he had believed in all his life, but could no longer find it. He read self help and spirituality books about mind-body-spirit, new age, meditation, and any other spiritual wellness books he could find. But nothing brought happiness as he sought these experiences outside of himself.

As he searched desperately to find it, his life only got worse, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Eventually, he felt depressed to the point he wanted his life to end.

Then a miracle happened. He found the answer inside himself; the secret of the miracle inside. His transformation was so great it changed his life forever. This gave him power to create his life to be whatever he wanted it to be. He rebuilt his health, his wealth, his prosperity, his peace and complete happiness. He resigned his position as CEO, and now writes and speaks about the secret that can also change your life.