Guest Profile

Paula Muran

Paula Murans mission is to awaken us. She brings a new level of spirituality and teaches the simple principle, know the Self. Your most powerful ally is the ability to rely on YOU without doubt, unworthiness, fear or judgment. Her teachings are a blend of Metaphysics, Buddhism, and Yoga Sutras that speak to inner Truth. These higher level teachings serenade your Soul.

An enlightened spiritual teacher, author, healer with profound intuitive skills, Paula has access to your Akashic Records, angels, guides, animals and the deceased. She is an expert at reading energy, her strength lies in re-sculpting limiting beliefs into a positive new foundation. Stirring our Master within, she awakens us to LOVE. Paula offers divine yet grounded principles in which you live a rich spiritual and joyful life.

Her life-long partnership with the spiritual deity Sanatkumara is unique. Her example teaches us how to be fully human while embracing the divine. Our vocabulary can not explain this union. It is truly an experience to be shared. Paula is Sanatkumara's emissary and divine partner here to share ancient wisdom with each of you.