Guest Profile

Paula Parker

Clients affectionately call Paula their ‘consigliere,’ said another way, Paula is a high profile CEO Advisor and Business Alchemist. From Business Strategy to Leadership Development to ‘Mindset,’ alignment she shows clients how to materialize an idea or transform the energy of any problem and direct it towards a solution. Paula’s ability to diagnose the core issue is her secret sauce. Her methods are what few, if any advisors & strategists political otherwise know let alone employ. It’s part Madison Ave. Marketing Wizardry, part metaphysics and psychology. Having bootstrapped businesses to generating upwards of $33 million in sales to a deep understanding and practical application of “science of mind” principles, Paula is an Advisor with a rare combination of business and metaphysical expertise. When Paula isn’t advising high profile CEOs she’s been known to whip up a batch of the best meatballs east of the Mississippi.