Guest Profile

Peggy Phoenix Dubro

A distinguished international speaker and teacher, Peggy Phoenix Dubro is the originator of the EMF Balancing Technique, a human to human energy balancing system with thousands of practitioners and hundreds of teachers in over 70 countries throughout the world. Peggy is also the first person to discover the Universal Calibration Lattice, an evolving system in the human energy anatomy, documented by thousands of EMF sessions over a period of 19 years, and supported by the laws of physics as presented in her book,Elegant Empowerment: An Evolution of Consciousness.

Since 1988, she has diligently and extensively mapped the Lattice, and is the foremost authority in the world concerning its form and function. In 1994, she and her husband Stephen founded the Energy Extension Inc., a worldwide organization dedicated to the evolution of human consciousness. Peggy's deep insight, sensitivity and joy for life have endeared her to people on every continent by helping them to develop their innate ability to activate the potentials within themselves. She has over 26 years of experience working with the human energy anatomy and has emerged as a leader in the field of energy balancing.

Peggys innovative work with the field of all life leads us to the place in ourselves where love, healing, and peace begin. Her techniques are practical, effective, and they work - Gregg Braden Author of the Isaiah Effect, The God Code, The Divine Matrix.