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  04/27/2017      01:00 pm

Silver Gaia Radio with Dr. Brie Gibbs - The Goddess Emergence: A Rough Guide to Spiritual Teachers and Teachings

Guest Profile

Pepper Lewis

Beloved by many, Pepper Lewis has been called a visionary and a 'wise woman of the earth'  she is the author of five books, dozens of audio programs, and a rich legacy of work in the field of human potential. In 1999, Pepper founded, The Peaceful Planet, an organization dedicated to compassionate communication between all sentient beings.

"We have come to an important crossroads. "It is time for us to reinterpret spiritual awareness, reimagine social consciousness and rekindle our relationship with the earth, which is our home and mother."


"But where do we begin?" she is often asked.


"We enter midstream, Pepper says brightly,  "Leave the beginning and the end of those who believe in such things and have the time to wait. The natural home of deep wisdom and genuine healing is our own awakened HeartMind, the sun that is always shining even when veiled by clouds. What kind of world do you want to live in? Begin there. Imagine that. Tell someone you care about to do the same."


"But isn't it already too late? another common question."too late for what? We have spent a lot of time recounting and regretting  the past. Investing a handful of years in our own future might do us all some good. A wise and favorite teacher of mine once told me: "You do not have to borrow from your past to create your future. Why not begin the journey debt free?"


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