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Guest Profile

Peter Aquilina

Peter C. Aquilina is the CEO and founder of Deer DeFence, LLC. The only company in the past 30 years to pioneer a Deer Abatement Mesh specifically designed to exclude deer and other wildlife. Since 1998, Peter's expertise is unmatched in the field of deer and tick behavior and abatement, and is highly sought after by property owners, landscape architects, commercial property managers, organic growers and farmers, and many others. His "No Nonsense" approach along with his passion for the business, has created a new standard of excellence within the industry.

Peter's background includes a BS from University of Buffalo and over 15 years of field research. Peter is not just an advocate for the Lyme disease community, he is also a Lyme Disease patient, having suspected the infection since 2002 but not testing positive until 2009.

Peter has learned firsthand how devastating this disease can be and how the mainstream medical community is lacking the proper tools and knowledge to effectively treat or even diagnose patients.


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