Guest Profile

Peter Fairfield

Peter Fairfield LAc is an acupuncturist, healer and medical intuitive with over 35 years of clinical experience using many forms of healing and as a national lecturer. He did long retreats in China and the Himalayas and studied in many countries researching the basis for an east/west model of psychophysiology that combines the energetic basis of Asian medical and spiritual traditions with modern neuro, bio, and quantum-science.

"Out of those experiences I do one-to-one telephone transformative healing sessions that can also include work on related emotional and physical issues. I present workshops that combine practices from my own research and those of the Taoist, Tibetan, Tantric, meditative and Qigong traditions. The average session is 1-2 hours long."

Like psychotherapy, it sometimes takes the body and energetic pattern time to adapt to new alignments. During that period we are constantly getting used to to the new and deepening possibilities in our life. Change is not only possible; it is inevitable