Guest Profile

Peter Ludwig

Peter Ludwig, "Mystic Pete," is a radio host, producer, author and true mystic. He hosts In a Dream, the only weekly radio show in Southern California featuring DJ culturesoon to be in national syndication.

A cellist, music and video producer, spiritual teacher, and father of two, he has taught and organized events internationally connecting spirituality and the arts music, dance, storytelling, and writing. His CD, Deep Self, for yoga, meditation, and massage has received excellent reviews.

His mystic initiation began in the 1970s and since then, he has worked diligently to define and codify the mystical experience. With that background he now teaches others how to enter the transcendental on their own with a comprehensive system of mystical training.

With a writing style that is immediately engaging and informative, his book, Mystic Pete Chronicles: Book 1: Sex and Mysticism is brimming with energy and enthusiasm, knowledge, humor, and compassion.