Guest Profile

Phyllis King

Phyllis King is the Common Sense Psychic because she loves to give practical and down to earth advice. There is nothing common about her. Her unique approach toward personal and spiritual growth includes "reading" life's purpose, and the patterns of how and why we create the experiences we do. Because of this unique talent she has evolved into a life management expert who helps people climb out of their own story to create their life with purpose, power and intention.

Phyllis has read over 10,000 people in 20 different countries. She has appeared on CBS TV, NBC TV, and radio programs across the country. Her written work has been published in over 70 print and online publications. She is known for using humor and compassion to deliver her information.

Phyllis hosts life mastery workshops around the country and also teaches Psychic Development. She resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with her two children.

She is the co author of Bouncing Back with Dr. Wayne Dyer, and her new book, The Heart of the Matter, A Journey to Wholeness.



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