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Guest Profile

Pia Orleane PhD

Pia Orleane holds a Ph.D. in the Psychology of Consciousness and Spirituality. With her deep insights into the cyclical nature of energy, she offers solutions for bringing both our planet and ourselves back into balance. Dr. Orleane reminds both women and men that cycles are vital to every aspect of life, and that our main avenue to health is through understanding our connection with the natural world, slowing the pace of life, and directing each thought, word, and action with love and compassion.

Dr. Orleane’s books include The Return of the Feminine: Honoring the Cycles of Nature; Coalition of Visionary Resources Winner for Visionary Fiction, Southern Piercings, and the co-authored books Conversations With Laarkmaa and Remembering Who We Are. Dr. Orleane shares her life and her work with Cullen Baird Smith, and together they bring forth wisdom to support the evolution of humanity.  


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