Guest Profile

Pierce Curren

Pierce Curren, Junior Herpetologist, Animal Activist, & Television Personality.

Meet Pierce, the amazing young star of Scaly Adventures He leads viewers on super fun, cool and educational journeys shown through the eyes of a kid. Pierce's favorite part of Scaly Adventures is sharing his immense passion for some of the most incredible and exotic animals in the world.

When he's not filming Scaly Adventures, you can find Pierce researching on the computer or reading books getting ready to share more unique animals with Scaly fans all over the world

Pierce has always loved animals, and his compassion and care for different species shines through each Scaly Adventures educational video and television episode. Pierce is also a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Olympic Tae Kwon Do with Palmetto Martial Arts School. He is a founding member of Boundless Limits International and a home educated 7th grade honor-roll student.