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Polly Goddard

Polly Goddard, Vice President
Bum Boosa Bamboo Products was launched in 2009 by two moms interested in making a difference in the world by creating products to replace commonly used disposable products that are designed not to harm our natural environment. Co-founder and President Sonja Sheasley had been researching the idea of creating baby wipes from a sustainable, biodegradable material which led her to learn of all of the wonderful properties of bamboo. Armed with this knowledge and her experience studying aromatherapy and herbalism, she set out to create a formula that would be natural and safe for the planet and infants sensitive skin. She worked with an organic chemist to get the formula just right including a natural preservative system. After three years of research and development, Sonja, a stay-at-home mom of two young boys and a former teacher, sought a partner with complementary skills to help launch the business.

Sonja met soon-to-be Co-founder and Vice President Polly Goddard, an advocate for the environment, and who had recently been laid off from her position operating an environmentally-focused non-profit. Although neither had any formal training or experience in starting a business or bringing products to market, they relied on their instincts and research. Together the two women formed a partnership and officially launched Bum Boosa Bamboo Products in March 2009. New products have been added to the line since, including the world's first 100% bamboo bathroom tissue, which is an eco-friendly, tree-free toilet paper alternative.