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Guest Profile

Rabia Hayek

Rabia Hayek, CBF, is founder and creator of Do As One and Omnibreath, both of which raise awareness of healthy, conscious breathing. Rabia has created two breathing modalities, The Conscious Flow and Simultaneum methods, which connect people to the knowledge and practice of what he calls Life Force Mastery. Rabia also created the Conscious Breath Facilitator CBF program to teach leaders, healers and peacemakers worldwide how to lead others in breathing together as one. A TEDx speaker, he has toured the world sharing the immense powers of optimal, conscious and synchronous breathing.

In October 2006, Rabia Hayek had the vision of uniting one billion people in breathing together synchronously. This vision culminated in launching the Universal Breathing Room on, where people from around the world can log-in and connect in one powerful breath flow, together as one human family.