Guest Profile

Randi Payton

In 1990, Randi Payton began identifying the type and sources of content needed to connect the auto industry and consumers. He quickly established that the industry required a trusted form of media to reach the growing multicultural market with consumer auto content, but he needed to reach top decision makers with content that promoted awareness of the vast automotive culture and buying power, to support the call for more business, jobs, dealerships, promotions and more. Since positive acceptance was key to preventing resistance, he built close relationships with influential editors and publishers.

Randy has another passion. He built his life around health and wellness, he practiced living healthy in a natural state for many years while raising a family to eat healthy. He detox his body twice a year. He is a professional dancer in partnership dancing styles. In addition he improves the economy by diversity he is presently launching a resource network for mental and physical health by providing support in advocacy for victims.

He is also writing a new book called FitMinds. A book on personality disorders that is dangerous to our society. Randy is very passionate about FitMinds, he has researched nutrition for the brain and seeks high level nutrition programs to help with FitMinds. He is on a new food program and promoting food that is helping peoples brain work better. Randy is committed to brain health and how the brain affects your entire life when its not healthy.