Guest Profile

Raquel Reyna

Raquel Reyna, an emotional eating expert, has assisted 100's of women transform their relationship with food and their bodies. And not just through a super-food nutrition program which she says is only a small part of the equation, but through something far more powerful, a spiritual power journey that leads her clients from living in their heads to understanding their body's intuitive wisdom.

Discovering this sacred path unleashes information so powerful that many can use this skill to discover their own healing course in all areas of their lives. Most notably their health, vitality, and previously unknown life purpose. As we heal our body our whole life heals.

Raquel Reyna's powerful telesummit 'The New Beauty Revolution', featuring Marianne Williamson and Davido Wolfe, addressed a powerful new way to look at body image. Click here to see for yourself.

Raquel healed from her own eating disorders and studied with spiritual teachers from all over the world, a Master's Degree in Spiritual Psychology and 10 years launching one of the most successful fitness franchises in the world to now dedicate her life to one mission: changing the way women view their bodies and the way they learn to diet.