Guest Profile

Rauniyar Darshan

Darshan Rauniyar was a candidate Democrat for the United States House of Representatives from Washington State 1st Congressional District in 2012. Darshan is active in US politics and has held local elected positions. He is a community organizer, and has volunteered in local, state, national campaigns and elections. He has served on Board of Directors for non-profit social organizations, local Human Rights Commission and Parks Advisory Boards.
Darshan is a business professional who earned his Masters of Business Administration from Portland State University and his Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering from the Oregon Institute of Technology, USA. He is an entrepreneur and had a successful ten-year career working for high tech companies and has held various senior level positions in marketing, sales, management and engineering, overseeing business enterprise worldwide.
He lives with his wife, Poonam and two sons, aged 13 & 7.