Guest Profile

Ray Sette

Ray Sette's fascination with the metaphysical and a deeper understanding of life began in his teenage years, perhaps even earlier, while he was searching for a greater knowing of himself and the Universe around him, but his actual study of the Metaphysical, or more accurately, guidance of life's possibilities, didn't take off until his university days. Ray's knowing of metaphysics and spirituality is a tool for our creation and understanding of events in our lives and how each of us CREATES all that comes to manifestation in our lives and our undivided connection to each other and all things in the Universe. These tools are important to anyone who chooses to seek the answers to life's questions and to realize not just to conceive, but to achieve the potential in each of us.

Information people receive from the Metaphysical and Spirit can be used to understand life, how we create it, and how to learn from the choices we've made by making better, more insightful, choices in the future. These tools don't exactly provide answers. More accurately, they provoke questions in the users to better provide themselves with their own answers by reminding them of their past and showing them the potential paths for the future.