Guest Profile

Rebecca McLean

Rebecca McLean became one of the first wellness coaches in the United States when she shifted from Occupational Therapy to holistic health care and developed the Circle of Life Health and Wellness Coaching System in 1985. With her 20 years of coaching experience and over 10 years of experience training coaches, she is among the founders of the coaching revolution and prominent players in the emerging new integrative medicine model that places whole person health and Self Care at the center of health care.

Rebecca is the Director of Training at the Institute of Health and Wellness Coaching IHWC which is revered as one of the model training centers in the coaching industry. The Circle of Life System is referenced by many therapists, nurses, entrepreneurs and life coaches as an easy to learn and practice coaching method for health coaching, wellness coaching and life coaching, and as a perfect system adaptable to any setting including executive coaching. Rebecca is a frequent trainer at the National Wellness Institutes annual conference as well as at renowned holistic retreat centers such as Omega Institute, Kripalu Center and Esalen Institute.

The IHWC is at the very front of transforming health care by informing and inspiring the American public. The most profound healing is accomplished by informed and inspired citizens and once they learn to self sustain the Circle of Life BluePrint for Success their future health care and disease prevention are FREE