Guest Profile

Regina LaFrance

SHAYLA is author Regina LaFrance’s public outcry.  A calling and a movement.  Inspired by real events, this incredible story could have been prevented—if only her parents would have listened.  Her intention for writing this very personal book is to raise awareness with parents to be observant of “signs” at home from their beloved young who depend on their protection.




In this semi-autobiographical bombshell (slated for Winter release),  Regina holds nothing back as she reveals the traumatic events of her youth—at a time of innocence when she was too young to speak up, feared for shame, and was reminded to “do her duty” and be a “good girl” by the adults in her life, including her threatening predator, a pedophile priest, otherwise recognized as a hero in her community. 




Novelized to where only the names have been changed, SHAYLA is a shattering account that takes on the persona of Regina as a child—when her nightmare started to unfold and escalate to unfathomable enormity forced upon her, leading to her brutal deflowering.




Regina  has come a long way since her native homeland.  A place she called home until tragedy struck.  She now speaks to the realities of child sexual exploitation, as she has directly and irrevocably succumbed to these heinous acts when her chastity was taken away too soon—forever shattered and left with only deep-rooted wounds and trauma from her youth.




Her journey from that dark period has become a lifelong mission at finding emotional freedom.  The writing of this book symbolizes a cathartic release for Regina, having come full circle—since the grievous time of these tragic events.  In her effort to provide an outlook on hope toward healing, SHAYLA is about ultimately turning the page on tragedy and moving forward. 




Now enter the world of SHAYLA where letting go to be free from pain, shame and suffering has a chance.