Guest Profile

Renee Snider

Rene is a caring and inspiring holistic practitioner eager to assist you, if you are ready, to move forward to a higher path of living and well-being. She is a true forward thinker and is very passionate about living consciously and walks that path in her own life. Setting an example, that YOU CAN do what YOU LOVE and "Live Out Loud" to create the joyous life you really desire, she encourages you to step out of your box and expand your thinking and options

Rene is a Certified Wellness and Conscious Living Coach/Consultant & a graduate of Wellcoaches premier training, the recognized world leader in Wellness Coaching. She is skilled as a Certified Holistic Stress Management Specialist, Certified Hypnotist, Meditation/Imagery Instructor and Energy and Healing Practitioner. Respected and regarded for her keen insightfulness and intuitive ability to quickly evaluate issues and blockages impeding personal growth & happiness, she teaches you tools to eliminate those barriers that hold you back, keeping you stuck. As an avid holistic educator and teacher of mindful practices, mind-body techniques and a multitude of self awareness and discovery tools, she coaches you how to use those gifts, tools and insights you already possess to shift your internal world.

With a vibrant passion and dedication for educating & empowering individuals, groups and businesses to enhance their well being and live consciously, Rene shares and teaches others how to focus on mind body spirit centered self practices to create "wellness from within". A safe, non-judgmental space is created for you to explore and discover the greatness of who you are

Her clients experience empowering results more rapidly than standard coaching processes because her approach and Internal Focus Methodology addresses both your conscious and subconscious aspects. This allows your desired changes and shifts to occur within you with less conscious work and effort The Internal Focus Methodology is an integrated approach that utilizes both ancient and current methods and practices to facilitate well-being of your mind, body and spirit. No change can occur in one of these areas without affecting the others. These are methods that both time and science have proven to be key in positively creating and transforming ourselves to the best experience we choose to create. There is really nothing new "out there" it IS all within you and the miracle of a new perspective

Rene assists clients locally, nationally and globally via phone, internet and other web based technologies. She offers individual and group sessions, seminars, "playshops", custom corporate programs and retreats for increasing well-being. With an immense love for travel and connecting with people, she is available for keynote speaking, wellness event and retreat creation/presentations, on site consultation, radio and TV venues for promoting mind-body-spirit wellness, peace and living consciously personally, professionally and globally.