Guest Profile

Rev. Thabiti

Rev. Thabiti is the CEO at, Executive Director at and is best known as the inventor of the Personal Time-Map System.

Rev. Thabiti is the author of the books All About You available now, and The Secret Wisdom of the Ages which will be released in the Fall 2014.

He writes the Mars vs. Venus section in Las Vegas Woman Magazine as the "only male" ever allowed to write for this all-woman publication for the past 3 years.

Rev. Thabiti also writes the Empowerment Column every week in the Las Vegas Informer and his column is syndicated in newspapers in six other U.S. cities.

He explains the reason why most people struggle unnecessarily is because they can't see which way they are going or see their other directional choices. The Time-Map System instantly eliminates this problem. Popularity of the Time-Map System is exploding around the country because it helps the user solve or prevent many problems.