Guest Profile

Rich German

Founder and Creative Director of True Wealth Unlimited, Rich German is recognized as one of the most accomplished and popular business and life coaches in North America. Since 1999, he has conducted over 16,000 individual coaching sessions and has led numerous training seminars for thousands more.

He guides his clients to dramatically increase their creativity, greatness, happiness, wealth and goal attainment. In line with his concept of True Wealth, Rich helps people succeed not only in business but also in their physical, mental, spiritual and family lives as well.

Additionally, Rich is an experienced mentor in the areas of energy, wellness and higher consciousness. He is on track to have a PhD in Health Sciences in 2009.

A prolific writer, Rich is author of the new book Living the Law of Attraction plus a series of short spiritual books called Wisdom From The Path.

He is also a certified meditation teacher and teaches meditations weekly via teleconference classes.

True Wealth Unlimited is committed to helping people live abundant, happy, fulfilling lives. Rich has created a wide range of cutting-edge, practical tools designed to allow people to realize the lives of their dreamsrich with incredible health, energy, vitality, happiness, joy, fun and abundance.

Richs core philosophy is that we all have a soul that is pure and enlightened. Experiencing True Wealth is about purifying the mind and the body to allow the light and love of your soul to shine through. It is about living, thinking, eating, being and acting in ways that lead to amazing amounts of happiness and peace.

Ultimately, Richs clients not only live better lives but also begin to truly live their lifes purpose.