Guest Profile

Rick Ornelas

Rick Ornelas is an author and “Positive Change Expert” who teaches others how to create an incredible future when they unlock their amazing potential and begin sparking change in the world around them. He's the author of 12 Hours of Heaven; Lessons for a Better World and founder of I Spark Change, a global movement and online community of those who seek to make the world a better place one act at a time. Rick wasn't always interested in helping others despite being pushed repeatedly in that direction by near-death experiences, family tragedies, and deaths. It wasn't until the ever-worsening times of 2020 when he was laid off, quarantined, and desperate that he finally got the wake-up call.


His awakening came in the form of divine inspiration and an awe-inspiring spiritual connection when he least expected it. He went from hopeless to writing a best-selling book in under three months while envisioning and creating an incredible future. This fulfilled the dream he had been ignoring for years: to build a community of amazing souls to spread positivity, hope, and love while creating a ripple effect throughout the world. The I Spark Change community has grown at a phenomenal rate of over 800% in just a few months. Rick has been featured on The RAS Project, Meet the Author, The Good Men Project, The Anti-Burnout Club, The Authority, Thrive Global, and internationally on Spirit Radio Network. He continues to expand his influence on others' health and happiness as a regular contributing writer for Lifehack.


His next book, 12 Hours of Heaven; Time on Earth is due out later this year.