Guest Profile

Rikki Schwartz MS

Rikki is a seasoned Business Manager with a record of building teams that profitably (and remotely) managed over $400 million (since 2001) at a very large waste management company. Throughout her 16 years, and a series of promotions, at that company (during which time her staff grew from 1 to 42), she also thrived on exploring the requisite skills/attitudes of being an effective leader, and (more specifically) those related to staff development, coaching and mentoring -- always with the ultimate mission of turning each and every one of her staff members into self-actualized leaders in their own rights.

Then, in 2018, that fervor for leadership development led her to accept the position of President of The Center for Agile Leadership (an Agile Leadership training/consulting company). There, one of her tactical approaches during teaching/coaching is to guide every leader to define his/her organization's core values, purpose, and vision, which then serve as beacons for those leaders to become truly effective leaders of their own unique organizations.

Finally, that same year, she founded My Turn Life Coaching, where she mirrors that tactical approach (Core Values è Purpose è Vision è Goals è Results) to STRATEGICALLY help her clients become truly effective leaders of their own unique lives.