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Guest Profile

Rob and Janelle Alex

Rob Alex grew up in a community where people commonly say to newcomers, "Welcome We are happy to have you here. Where will you go to church?" More people than not from there are strong believers in Christianity. However, this never felt right to Rob. In no way did he believe there was some guy hanging around up in the sky with a shepherd's staff judging people, sending floods and bolts of lightening. He wasn't really open to ghosts or spirits either. Yet, he would always point out the orbs in pictures he took to his partner/wife, Janelle.

In 2009, Rob began to write a daily blog for couples. That blog has grown in popularity continuously since then. To date The Couples' Spot has around 1300 posts He also began to create Sexy Challenges that year. The unique scenarios for lovers most certainly add spice to their love lives. But, due to the next part of Rob's story Sexy Challenges evolved in to sacred and sensual experiences for lovers - in other words they began to share with couples how to combine spirituality and the sacred with sexual intimacy.