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  10/24/2012      06:00 am

Your Soul Guidance with Saskia: Messiah Within step by step guidance to "Living" on your spiritual path with Robin Clare

Guest Profile

Robin Clare

Robin Clare is the co-founder of two spiritual organizations: Enlightened Professionals for the advancement of the careers of spiritual and holistic professionals, and The ATMA Center where spiritual seekers can associate with other like-minded individuals in a variety of spiritual and holistic pursuits. Over a ten year period, Robin has been on a journey of self-discovery to allow her lifes purpose to fully manifest in service to others. As a spiritual business person, teacher, life coach and channel, Robin has had the privilege to live a life grounded in spiritual concepts.

Her first book, Messiah Within represents the culmination of her ten-year journey of deep reflection and communication with her Spiritual Support Team on this earth and beyond. Through the pursuit of her spiritual path, Robin discovered her true life-purpose . . . and her own Messiah Within. Robin offers her insights gathered along that journey, so that you may do the same.


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