Guest Profile

Robin Rice

Robin Rice is the creator of the worldwide "Stop the Beauty Madness" campaign and President of the campaign's sponsoring company, Be Who You Are Productions, Inc. She is also the founder of the 50,000 member Awesome Women and the Body Beautiful page on Facebook. In 2010-11, they collectively completed a music video tour titled, "What the World Needs NEXT." The positive music videos were shared around the world, and the weekends creating them explored emerging models of generosity-based commerce and new online community. She also created, which offers letters to LGBT youth who do not have a mother's love and support over the holidays.

Robin is an internationally published author and mentor to world-level leaders through Rainmaker Consulting, "changing the lives of people who are changing the world." She teaches a yearly online apprenticeship in soul mentoring at and offers a small business mentorship program at

Robin has traveled the world to study indigenous leadership from a wide variety of traditions and these themes are the background for all of her work. A self-proclaimed Social Change Artist, offering a social change project for free each year.

Robin has appeared on Huffington Post Live and The Today Show and her work has been featured in media from around the world.