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  06/06/2013      12:00 pm

Intuit YOUniversity with Sherrie Dillard: Taking your calls at 800 930 2819 and talking to Rosemary Evangelista publisher of Woman Empowered Magazine

Guest Profile

Rosemary Evangelista

After Rosemary Evangelista searched for several years for her path in life, she became the Publisher of Women Empowered Magazine. It's been 5 years in developing.

Her experiences in the past from working in an office to selling office equipment was the training course she needed to grow the magazine to an international venue.

Her greatest joy comes from helping others. She is 62 years old now, and wondered what was left in life for her to accomplish. She learned that you are never too old to start working your passion When you do, someone else's life is impacted.


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