Guest Profile

Rosita Perez-McLaurin

As the 12th child of 14, I've seen dysfunction growing up. I lost my mom at 15 years old. As a teenager, I inherited my mom’s responsibilities. I married young and have a beautiful daughter. I’ve been in abusive relationships, divorced, been a single mom, and experienced serious debt. For most of my life, I focused on surviving. In retrospect, I spent many years feeding my pain and I was exhausted. As I talked with other women, I began to see a pattern. For generations, we did not learn or practice loving and nurturing ourselves. The concept of self-worth was foreign. No wonder we are lost, exhausted, and empty. On my healing journey, I know firsthand how hard, how lonely and how heartbreaking it is to continually live in pain. On a daily basis my faith gives me courage to face AND accept the good, the bad, and not so pretty parts of myself! I've learned how to cope and overcome even the heaviest hurdles and have come home to loving me. Overcoming my pain and healing has equipped me to listen, navigate and coach you to discover your way home. My journey has been painful and doing my work to heal has brought me to where I am today, a Discovery Coach and Realtor. I am stronger and braver. I have discovered my purpose in life, I have found my way home.