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The Coach Martez and Woodrina Layton, LPC Show: Understanding Love, Accepting Truth, and Changing Your Perspective!: The 3 P’s That Make a Tremendous Difference in Your Marriage: Prayer, Positivity & Passion

Guest Profile

Rosita Perez-McLaurin

Rosita has developed her super-charged insight from years of paying attention, listening, and addressing her own healing process. As the 12th child of 14, she learned from her siblings’ actions and communication styles. She observed how they chose to live their lives, how they coped with the highs and lows, and how they handled life challenges and relationships. She learned by watching and helped by supporting. This knowledge proved to provide her strength and tenacity throughout her life. In a large percentage of families, there was dysfunction, chaos, and unhealthy behaviors. Rosita found that her upbringing and familial patterns (good and bad) were so ingrained that these things unknowingly infected her decisions and shaped who she is. The pain in her life left her empty, exhausted, and feeling alone. She has been on her journey with God to heal. She recognized that she has the ability to turn her pain into passion. Her purpose is to empower women to recognize their true value, accept their distinct beauty, and move forward to L.I.V.E. Live Intentionally Free Everyday!