Guest Profile

Sabrina Campbell

I have been able to communicate with animals since I was very young. I had no idea that other people weren’t talking to their animals the same way. I heard their messages and even their voices. I always loved to work with animals that were “difficult”. To me they weren’t difficult as much as they were misunderstood. I’ve been able to communicate with many household pets, farm animals and a wide array of wild animals as well. I find they all have such brilliant insight on how we can improve their lives, our lives and the life of the planet. Their vast knowledge is extremely humbling at times and I’m so thankful they are here with us to help move our Earth to a more peaceful and content state.

My abilities really came out when I was going through my son’s many major health issues. This very difficult time was when I was awakened to the abilities that lay inside my amazingly powerful mind, body and soul. After my son got a clean bill of health I was able to tap into Mother Earth and Source’s pure energy and begin my career path as a communicator and healer.


The abilities that reside in the power that I hold are Animal Communication (talk to living and passed animals), Mediumship (talk to passed people), Psychic (talk to your higher self and guides), Angel Communication (talk to your Guardian Angel or Arch Angel) and something that I call Soul Sessions where I combine all of these abilities into one session. I also have my Reiki 2 and am loving how it works alongside the sessions I provide.