Guest Profile

Sabrina Fritts

Sabrina is an intuitive healer, Certified Block Therapy Instructor, and advocate. She nurtures her soul by living with her family in the mountains of Colorado. She is passionate about sharing her personal experiences, including her journey of co-dependency where her perpetrators moved from the bedroom to the boardroom, for the sake of helping others to grow and allow more joy, ease, and wellbeing in their everyday lives.

Sabrina’s daily Block Therapy practice helped her release past trauma stored at a cellular level and process the emotional trauma she faced while successfully defending herself against a lawsuit filed by a former employer. The relief she received inspired her to become a Block Therapy Instructor.

In addition, as an advocate for survivors of intimate partner violence, sexual assault, and sex trafficking, Sabrina shares Block Therapy and proper diaphragmatic breathing with her clients to begin the healing process on their road to recovery and has presented at state and national victims’ assistance conferences.