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Sam Glenn

Meet Sam Glenn The Attitude Guy
Sam Glenn, The Attitude Guy tm and leading expert and authority on the subject of attitude works with organizations that believe a positive and proactive attitude makes a significant difference -personally and professionally.

Sam Glenn is the founder and publisher of Attitude Digest.
Sam Glenn is the Founder of Everything Attitude University, which commissions top shelf trainers to work and consult with small to large companies on creating an attitude and culture that thrives and achieves positive results.
Sam Glenn delivers up to 95 keynote speeches a year since 1997. His keynote messages bring audiences to life with humor, stories & insights that are easy to relate to, understand and implement.

What makes Sams presentation so enduring to audiences is his story.
Would you take advice from nighttime clean up guy? It is said the true measure of a person is not where they are, but how far they have come to get to where they are. Sam at one time operated a business in a multi-billion dollar international industry that was lost overnight in a fire. Riddled with depression and doubt, Sam found himself in unfamiliar territory. Sam got by sleeping on borrowed floor space and worked nights as janitor and sometimes delivering newspapers. Faced with much criticism and confusion on what to do next, it was an experience that changed the course of direction for Sam Glenn. It was what he fondly refers to today, A Kick in the Attitude

Through small changes to his attitude and actions, Sam developed the courage think outside the triangle and for the past 14 years has captivated over 1400 audiences and some as large as 75,000 With insight and outrageous humor-filled stories, Sam leaves his audience in stitches, while delicately weaving a powerful message of principles that get results at work, home and life