Guest Profile

Samantha Brown

A true pioneer in the world of energy medicine, Samantha Brown has spent several years diving deep into the topic of Money and Abundance on an energetic level. Her focus has been working with heart centered entrepreneurs so that they can fully express their soul purpose while effortless attracting and receiving their dream income. Using the modalities of BodyTalk, Accunect, Karuna Reiki, EFT Tapping and several other modalities, she has been highly successful in assisting her clients in breaking free of the financial glass ceiling and stepping into the level of income that they truly deserve.

She sees herself as a Soul Guide that journeys with you in discovering what money stories are still holding you back from your true success. Her mission is to bring in the New Consciousness of Money so that Money can be re-defined as Love shared between people, cultures and nations. Once Money Energy is weaved throughout the planet as an energy of love, she believes that this is a huge key in raising the vibration of the planet and in awakening humanity to their fullest light potential.