Guest Profile

Sampa Manigat

Dr. Sampa Manigat is a certified Neuro-Transformational Results Coach, Speaker, Author and recently retired dentist. After 27 years, she left her dental practice to put smiles back on their everyday lives. Breakthroughs are in the blind spots, and by helping clients identify what is keeping them stuck, Sampa is able to provide clarity leading to greater possibilities for success and expansion.


Sampa is innovative and her understanding of human behavior and the subconscious mind lends to a unique coaching style key to creating transformative shifts in leadership, or in the lives of the clients she serves.


Sampa advocates for her clients and has a special interest in empowering and supporting women in their work environments.  As a dental surgeon, she predominantly worked with women, nurturing open communication within a safe space.  She is a consummate student and her love of learning, teaching, and coaching co-exists with leadership.