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Sandy Seibert

You know youre defeated when youve just put on your one and only pair of size 26 jeans that you can barely manage to squeeze into and the fabric gives way. Its like having a blow out on the interstate and no spare Its a horrible, desperate feeling that I have experienced one too many times. And, its even sadder to say that Ive given away most of my life to all of the baggage that being fat has piled on.

Since I was about 12 years old, I have struggled with emotional and binge eating and yo-yo dieting. My thoughts for as long as I can remember have entailed food in some way shape or form If I wasnt eating it, I was thinking about eating it or I was eating it and thinking about how I shouldnt be eating it. Hating myself became a regular pastime because of my lack of will power and inability to end the all or nothing vicious cycle.

I had tried dozens of plans, programs, pills, equipment, videos, tapes, books, gadgets and starvation with high hopes of finally attaining freedom from my compulsive food behavior and gaining the body of my dreams Sometimes, I would have short lived success but ultimately I was right back where I started, only with another item for my next yard sale, a little less self esteem and a little more weight gain

By the time I met a Health Coach and learned about The Habits of Health Lifestyle Program, I didnt want to do the plan. I told her that I had been eating healthy and organic. I had been following a natural and whole foods plan. I lost a little weight, but struggled all the time and was still weighing in at just less than 300 lbs. When she asked me how it was working for me, I realized in that moment, after almost 3 years, that it wasnt. I reluctantly committed to try her plan for 30 days.

Within the first week I knew that something was different about this plan and I knew it was something that I could do My cravings and obsessive food thoughts just seemed to disappear It was so freeing to not be always thinking about my next fix I wasnt hungry and within about 2 weeks, I gained a ton of energy I was actually losing fat and wearing sizes that I hadnt seen for over 15 years and it was a pretty painless way of getting there

So here I am Current day am I happy I decided to give it a shot? HECK YES Its the BEST thing I have ever done for myself I feel like I have been catapulted from the deepest depths of depression and misery that the vicious cycle of obesity brings into a glowing and vibrant place and it just keeps getting better

The Habits Of Health System has shown me that by making small, simple changes, I can live a longer, healthier life The path has been laid and I am very excited to be in a position to guide people along, as best I can from my own experience, on this fabulous, life changing journey