Guest Profile

Sandy Zeldes

Sandy Zeldes works with spiritual and health conscious professional entrepreneurs, artists and performers who struggle with food cravings, weight and body image and want to not only love food and their bodies but make dieting and constantly having to think about foodobsolete.

After spending many years struggling with sugar cravings and other challenges with food and finding a permanent solution through holistic nutrition and EFT, Sandy became passionate about helping others to heal diet and health related challenges in the most effective ways possible.

As a Chef to many celebrities and business leaders for over 17 years and sought after Certified Nutritionist and EFT practitioner since 2007, Sandys' expertise is in getting to the heart of the issue so her clients can release what holds them back from healing and releasing life-long issues with food and their bodies.

Sandy has her certification in holistic Nutrition from Bauman College, and continues her education in the field of nutrition with over 100 hours in additional trainings to stay current in the ever evolving field of nutritional therapy.She is the author of the popular 1 Rated Course on Daily Om for over 8 weeks: Heal Subconscious Blocks to Weight Loss. Trained by EFT founder, Gary Craig, and a recipient of his official EFT certification, Sandy is adept at getting to core issues faster through her expert use of EFT.

Making healthier eating habits a reality and inspiring and motivating clients in the process while watching them breakthrough life-long limitations is her talent.

Her clients not only achieve freedom with food obsession, but reduced cravings and addictive eating habits, increased energy and vitality and a better body image. Where there once was hopelessness, fatigue and struggle, suddenly JOY, motivation and ease are possible in their lives.