Guest Profile

Sara Harvey Yao

Sara Harvey Yao is an executive Leadership Consultant who specializes in helping leaders strengthen their presence and improve their impact. She is the founder of Yao Consulting Group and is known for her direct and insightful feedback that helps her clients understand how they're coming across, how they can inspire stronger action from those around them and how to create a compelling presence.

Sara's education includes a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Communication and a Master's degree in Organizational Management. Her corporate career in Human Resources and Leadership Development gave her a strong foundation to launch her Executive Coaching business in 2003. Sara has trained and coached more than 3,500 leaders in six countries and her impressive track record for getting results makes her the go-to Executive Coach for companies large and small.

&8232;She is the author of Get Present: Simple Strategies to Get Out of Your Head and Lead More Powerfully.