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Sarah Bartlett

Sarah Bartlett

Sun-sign Gemini - love animals, nature and my children.

Studied with the Faculty of Astrological Studies for three years. Acquired the prestigious Diploma in Psychological Astrology - an in-depth 3-year professional training programme which cross-fertilizes the fields of astrology and depth, humanistic and transpersonal psychology - run by Liz Greene.

Astrologer for Cosmopolitan Magazine (UK), Prima Magazine, SHE, Spirit & Destiny and the London Evening Standard. Appeared on many UK radio shows and TV programmes, including Steve Wright's Afternoon Show on BBC Radio 2.

Thanks for looking at my biography and do enjoy my books.

Here is a selection of some of my best-selling books:

The Little Book of Moon Magic

The Tarot Bible

The Little Book of Practical Magic

The Witch's Spellbook

National Geographic's Supernatural Places

Secrets of the Universe in 100 Symbols

The Essential Guide to Psychic Powers